Friday, December 11, 2009

Funny YouTube

The best part is when the chorus jumps in. Really, watch it!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Help Others

A list of some of the websites that I think can/will/would really make a difference.

Free Rice: Feed the Hungry by playing with words. (Free)
Feed Cats/Dogs: Answer some trivia questions and help our four legged friends. (Free)
Room to Read: Help others to have the joy of reading.
Amnesty International: Major help to the whole globe.
Tostan: Help end child marriage. (They even have a way of helping for free)
Pennies for Peace: Help give Girls' education.
EnGender Health: Help give women the medical help they need.

There are so many people out there that need our help. Even if all you can do is pass along these links to others, please do so.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am victorious!!!!!! I just finished cleaning my room. I had not cleaned the darn thing for MONTHS. There were cloths all over the place- books all over the place- well everything all over the place. It is now clean. Clean, clean clean!!! I still have a million books that just have to be stacked places, but everything is off the floor and in a semi-okay place.


The end.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stuff from 101 list

27) Keep a "thankful" journal. & 28) Keep a normal journal.
I finally went and picked up notebooks for these two things. I will be starting tonight. (No worries, I am not going to tell you guys what I write.)

48) Learn the "hidden treasures" of the state/city I live in. See them.
Click for full pic
Gilgal Garden. It was made by Thomas B. Child, Jr. (1888-1963) All the sculptures are from stone and he did them himself. They are all of things pertaining to his faith. (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) It snowed the night before I went, so some of the stone is a bit hard to see. It was amazing! Especially that one man did all this.

Pics 2-4: The Sphinx with Joseph Smith's Face, Pics 5-7: Captain of the Lord's Host- The Monument to the Trade- The Monument to the Priesthood, Pics 8-10: Daniel II: Nebuchadnezzar's Dream of the shattered giant. (Head, chest, and one foot. The rest was buried in the snow)
Gilgal Garden The Sphinx
The Sphinx 2 The Sphinx with Wob101_2009

Captain of the Lord's Host The Monument to the Trade Something in the garden

Daniel II: King's Dream 2 Daniel II: King's Dream 3 Daniel II: Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

The Weeping Virgin Tree. Found in a tree in 1997. It appeared to be a robed figure in a sawed-off branch of the tree. Sap oozed from the head of the figure, as if she was crying. The city built a permanent staircase to the small wooden viewing platform.

Snelgrove. A family business that finally shut its doors in 2002. Legend has it that Franklin Roosevelt had Snelgrove's ice cream flown to the White House in 1935 for Thanksgiving dessert.

Artesian Well Park. Misha told me about this little gem. The water flows, on its own, up out of the ground. As you can see from the pic, people come and stock up for their own use.
The Weeping Virgin Tree Snelgrove Ice Cream Artesian Well

The Cedar Tree Shrine. Another one that Misha told me about. She said, "There is a memorial to where a tree use to stand." I said, "What you mean, 'here is the spot that a tree stood before we cut it down' type thing?" She said, "Yeah, it was the only tree in the valley (Other than the ones by the river) for a long time." I said, "Well heck, lets go see it!" So we did.
The Cedar Tree Shrine 2 The Cedar Tree Shrine The Cedar Tree Shrine 3

International Peace Garden. It was closed. Crapity-crap-crap. Oh well, I will go see it when the snow is off the ground. (I say it still counts though, as I do have proof. *hee*)
International Peace Gardens

SLC Pepper. The 21st-century take on the Beatles' iconic "Sgt. Pepper" album. It was done by Jann Haworth who helped design the album's original artwork.
SLC Pepper SLC Pepper 2

SLC Pepper 3 (Mcsnapdragon) SLC Pepper 4 (Wob101_2009)

A nice start. I still have several things to do around SLC, then I will branch out to other cities around Utah. :)

49) Do something outside (ie. walk, sit, draw, read etc...) outside at least once a week.
See pics above. 1 week down!

67) Have a good can-opener.

My New Can Opener

Friday, January 2, 2009

101 things in 1001 days.

You make a list of 101 things that you want to accomplish in 1001 days. I signed up to do this over at livejournal. I thought I would share my list here and also talk about the progres I make on it.

Start: Jan. 1, 2009
End: Sept. 29, 2011

My List

1) Write a "Regency Romance".
2) Finish my "Citizens" fanfic.
3) Start and finish my SGA/Bollywood fanfic.
4) Start a savings account.
5) Save for a good down payment on a new car.
6) Have a 72-hour kit.
7) Go to Washington D.C.
8) Start saving for Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice Tour.
9) Learn about my Welsh and German ancestry. Learn customs, history etc...
10) Start saving to take my family on a cruise.
11) Start with loosing 50 pounds, and then go from there.
12) Go on a trip (even if it is a short one) with my father.
13) Go to the LDS church museum.
14) Go see the military ships/subs etc... in San Diego.
15) Learn about the Anasazi Indians.
16) Go to the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City.
17) Go see Zions National Park.
18) See the Redwoods in CA.
19) Go to Yellowstone.
20) Go to the Grand Canyon.
21) At least once a month see my best friend.
22) Start writing letters again.
23) Get Doctor Who seasons 2, 3, & 4.
24) Learn how to knit things other than hats.
25) Stay in an extravagant hotel for a few nights.
26) Get my bathroom floor fixed.
27) Keep a "thankful" journal.
28) Keep a normal journal.
29) Get to church every Sunday.
30) Volunteer at something. Find out where to volunteer.
31) Get new pots and pans.
32) Get new plates/cups/silverware.
33) Find out if I have a sense of style for my home.
34) Keep a clean home.
35) Do something with all the "Brown-family" girls. Plan it. Do it!
36) Get a personal history from all my grandparents- even if it is just a tiny bit.
37) Pay a full tith and try to double my fast-offerings.
38) See as many plays as I can.
39) Save for a new washer/dryer set.
40) Get a new passport, as I have let my old one expire.
41) Use my passport even if it is just to cross the border at Canada and/or Mexico.
42) Donate some money to a good cause.
43) Have a Christmas tree next Christmas.
44) Clean my room, and have it stay clean.
45) Learn how to cook one dish really well.
46) Learn more about writing, maybe take a creative writing class.
47) Start each day with a good breakfast.
48) Learn the "hidden treasures" of the state/city I live in. See them.
49) Do something outside (ie. walk, sit, draw, read etc...) outside at least once a week.
50) Try a new type of food every month.
51) Plan some type of trip for my Birthday.
52) Learn more about the world of Bollywood.
53) Learn more about American history.
54) Learn Spanish.
55) Go to a Native American reservation when they are showing some of their traditional dances and/or having a pow-wow.
56) Use the library more. Save some money and rent books/movies.
57) Find a book club. Join.
58) Try to get together with other people who like Bollywood movies. Start a club.
59) Find out if I even like knowing about art.
60) Pay more attention to classical music.
61) Re-read "The Inferno".
62) Find a new author to adore.
63) Do my job to the best of my ability. Stop taking the easy road.
64) Forgive.
65) Learn to play at least one song on the piano.
66) Sew something.
67) Have a good can-opener.
68) Get a better book shelve.
69) Build another website.
70) Learn how to use GIMP.
71) Learn how to make LJ layouts.
72) Get a massage.
73) Find a new fandom that I can love as much as I do Stargate.
74) Do my best to not judge others.
75) Work on making my inner-monologue a happy one.
76) Work on being happy with what I have right at this second.
77) Force myself to have good handwriting.
78) Read this list at least once a week, and make plans on how to achieve all these things.
79) Start reading fanfiction again.
80) Seek out good music and books.
81) Try to buy local.
82) Try to be a tiny bit more "green" in my life.
83) Don't let food go to waste. Don't make as much, or eat left-overs first.
84) Be a "do-er" not a thinker.
85) Life is hard. Get over it.
86) Don't waste time. Get things done. Be busy.
87) Force myself to try knew things. Fear cannot stand in my way.
88) Write a letter to each of my family members telling them everything I love about them.
89) Gossip is not my friend!
90) Fly first-class on a long trip.
91) Save and make plans to visit Australia.
92) Take steps to be a better person than I am now. Figure out what steps to take. Do them.
93) Buy the new box-thing that you need on your tv in the US.
94) Use the free gym at the hospital where I work.
95) Every two months have a little get-a-way from home.
96) Try not to be so bossy. Especially at work.
97) Write fun short-stories, even if I am the only one who reads them.
98) Watch old movies. Become a lover of the classics.
99) Find an outdoor hobby.
100) Get rid of my credit card debt.
101) Be able to cross everything off this list at the end of it all.

Progress so far

#36- Get a personal history from all my grandparents- even if it is just a tiny bit.

I typed up questions that I am going to send to my grandparents. I hope that they will complete them and then send them back to me. I think I am going to put them together in a little book...might be a good Christmas present to the rest of my family next year.


Where were you born?
What did your house look like?
What were your neighbors like?
Your favorite memory from childhood, teenager years, college years, adult world?
How many siblings did you have?
Where were you in the order?
Who did you get along with best, why?
What was your favorite thing to do with your mother? Father?
The thing you wanted most when you were a child, why?
What were the wars during your time?
How did you feel about them?
What were you doing while they were going on?
Did members of your family serve in the war? Who? Doing what?
What other world things were going on while you grew up?
How religious was your family?
Your parents full name? Grandparents? Great-grandparents?
Your full name? Does it mean anything? Named after anyone?
Who was your best friend, why?
Who is your best friend now, why?
Where did you go to grade school, middle school, high school?
What did you love about school? Not love?
Your favorite teacher, why?
Your best subject? Your worst?
What games did you play when you were young? How were they played?
Did you go to the movies when you were young? Your favorite?
What was the best treat during your childhood?
Did you have a pet? What was it? Name? Best story with your pet?
The most trouble you ever got into when you were a child?
The thing you are most proud of during your childhood years?
The thing you are most proud of right now?
What jobs have you had in your life time? Your favorite?
Who was your first crush?
What was your first date? With who?
What did you dad do for a living? Mom?
What did you want to be when you grew up? Why?
A TV show that you would never miss?
Did you get anything special for graduation?
What college did you attend?
What was your major?
Where did you meet your spouse?
What drew you to them?
The date, time, season you got married?
Where did you get married?
First place you lived as a married couple?
First house you owned?
What did you spouse do for a living?
How many children did you have? DOB, names?
Favorite memory with your children? Spouse?
What is the best thing about married life? Worst?
What is the best thing about being a parent? Worst?
How do you want people and family to remember you?
The story you love remembering/telling etc... about yourself and/or family?

#48- Learn the "hidden treasures" of the state/city I live in. See them.

Bought the book Utah Curiosities by Brandon Griggs. I've already found some interesting things (even a lot for free) right in my city. I hope to go see them on Sat. I'll take pics.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Free Rice is a great charity that gives rice to starving countries. All you have to do is get what the words means correct, and you add to your rice pile. It is free for you. I do it all the time, it is actually really fun. :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Learning to knit with a round loom.

So on the weekend that I went with the nurses to Midway, one of them tried to show me how to knit. It was frustrating for me, and not at all fun. She said that it would take time for me to know how to do it...I decided that I didn't want to take the time. Instead I found an eaiser way (for me) to knit. I introduce you to "Knifty Knitter". They are looms that help you knit. I bought the round looms and have been making hats. They have other types of looms for scarfts etc... but I figure I will get good at hats before I switch to something else. There are many things I should be able to do with my round looms, but like I said...after I get better at hats. I am really enjoying the knitting.

Now my family knows what they are getting for Christmas! :)